Oakland Raiders Football Draft Saturday: 5 linebackers for 2018

With the league becoming an increasingly passing-centric one, it has put more of an emphasis on the pass rush and less on stuffing the run from the second level of the defense. The Oakland Raiders have not prioritized getting better at linebacker in recent NFL Drafts. Here are five linebackers they could target in the[…]

Oakland Raiders 2017

6 most important players for future of Raiders

Oakland Raiders Football A 12-4 season and return to the playoffs rained optimism in Oakland for the future of a young and talented Oakland Raiders squad. And we know California could use the rain. Derek Carr announced his entrance into the realm of top signal callers. Khalil Mack’s reign of terror on opposing quarterbacks could[…]

Oakland Raiders Football 2017

Oakland Raiders Football 2017: Draft Picks, NFL News Preview

Oakland Raiders Football 2017 Draft Picks, NFL News Preview. Have you read the press clippings? Did you hear what the analysts said on NFL Network? Maybe you’ve looked through countless mock simulations to grasp how the Oakland Raiders may approach the 2017 NFL draft. Well, it’s all here with added detail. On Thursday, the Raiders[…]